the RESET tools


The book is full of scientific studies, articles, stories, videos, and a bunch of other resources.

This is an abbreviated list of the stuff you can use today to begin reclaiming your purpose and STOP WASTING time.



A few books stand out among the crowd. They have a lot of bang for the buck. I've read them ALL multiple times!

Trust Me, I'm Lying by Ryan Holiday clearly explains the economic logic of the digital world.

Man's Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl helps you understand the power of the Mission Mentality.

Zero to One by Peter Thiel throws out all the conventional wisdom about entrepreneurship.

The Power of Habit by Charles Duhigg walks you throw the mechanics and benefits of habits in our daily lives.



Experts around the world want to share their wisdom with us. They honed their craft for decades, studying millions of people, and spending billions of dollars.

And now they want to share what they learned!

Want to know how your education affects the way you think and behave? Watch Sir Ken Robinson's Do Schools Kill Creativity? (Time: 20 minutes)

Interested in how we are changing the way we interact with computers and other machines? Watch Amber Case's We Are All Cyborgs Now (Time: 8 minutes)

Worried about our always-on, always-connected world and what it means for your relationships? Watch Abha Dawesar's Life in the "Digital Now" (Time: 12 minutes)

Frustrated by the endless parade of choices that keep you paralyzed? Watch Ruth Chang's How to Make Hard Choices (Time: 14 minutes)

Want to get started in your reset, but can't seem to take the first step? Watch Kare Anderson's Be an Opportunity Maker (Time: 10 minutes)



It's easy to get overwhelmed online. That's why one single marketplace is hugely beneficial. You avoid wasting time tracking down things on your own, plus you get to see what others think about the product.

Use Product Hunt, which is a one-stop-shop for all things technological. It's like Yelp for creative work. PH has a strong community of smart people that help you get the straight dope on all the amazing tools out there. Here are some collections to get you started:




If you want to quickly apply some of the RESET principles and techniques, then you should consider signing up for the challenge.

This is a unique, invitation-only chance to walk through the book in a structured way. Over ten days you will:

  • Learn the truth about the meaning of life

  • Discover practical ways to take meaningful action

  • Develop daily habits that will make you more successful

  • Inspire others around you to improve their lives

  • Share a powerful experience with others just like you