Want to know why people talking about RESET? I can give you the gist in about two minutes. 

Reset starts by walking you through the forces that are shaping our world. 

  • inappropriate education and training that make us act like sheep
  • overwhelming amounts of information that we choke on
  • hypnotic advertising coming at us from every direction that distracts us
  • hyper-connectivity with so many people that we harshly judge our own lives

Reset then dives into the surprising similarities between the world's best militaries and the world's best entrepreneurs. Their behaviors offer us surprising clues about daily life.

  • focus on a Mission
  • take Action early and often
  • put in Structures to support your efforts

Reset concludes with clear process for you to follow to reclaim purpose and dodge distractions.

  • Supercharge yourself by building strengths and collaborating for weaknesses
  • Rally a team of people who are willing to both teach you and learn from you
  • Launch yourself into each day with a ruthless focus on your priorities
  • Dodge distractions by creating space from your connected devices
  • Train every day with small steps that take you steadily toward life goals
  • Celebrate the daily successes and triumphs to keep up your enthusiasm